The deadline for abstract submission is: Wednesday, September 26, 2018
The deadline for abstract evaluation results is: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Instrucions for abstract submission

To submit an abstract, you must do the following:

1) The author responsible for submitting the abstract must be registered for the event. Payment need not be made at the time of registration. This can be done once you have received confirmation that your abstract has been accepted. The remaining authors who register for the event should not resubmit an already accepted abstract;

  • Abstract submission is done exclusively via the event website.

2) Log onto the restricted area using the login and password selected during registration. New menus will be displayed.

3) Click on the "My abstracts" menu.
4) Follow the instructions on screen to open the abstract submission form. Fill out all fields of the online form.
5) Before submitting your abstract, review it carefully. Changes will be allowed only until the final submission deadline.
*The submitting author must complete all fields of the online form. All communications referring to the abstract will be sent only to this author through the registered e-mail address. The submitting author is in charge of passing any such communications on to his or her co-authors;
6) Select Poster as the preferred mode;
7) Once abstract submission is completed, click on "Log off".
8) After the abstract has been submitted, an automatic e-mail message will be sent to the submitting author, confirming the registered information. Check that all such information is correct. If not, log on to the restricted area and make any necessary changes. This can only be done before the final deadline for abstract submission.
9) If you do not receive the automatic e-mail message confirming abstract submission on the same day, the abstract may not have been submitted correctly. In that case, contact us with the event name in your subject line, and let us know what happened.
10) To log on to the system again, simply enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD. If you have forgotten either, click on "Remember Password" at the top of the page.


» Basic research on the endocannabinoid system
» Animal research on medicinal applications of cannabinoids
» Human research on medicinal applications of cannabinoids
» Ethical, legal, cultural, social, and economic aspects on access to and medicinal use of cannabis and its derivatives
» Education on medicinal applications of cannabinoids
» Industrial production of cannabinoids, cannabis, and their derivatives for medicinal purposes

Important information

• The abstract must be submitted in English.

• The final deadline for submission of abstracts is: Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

• To receive a certificate for your abstract after the event, one of the listed authors must have been registered and have participated in the event.

• There is no limit on number of abstracts per author. There is no limit on number of authors per abstract.

IMPORTANT: The presenter must be included among the authors!

• The results will be published in the author’s restricted area, under the "My abstracts" menu, on 16/10/2018.

• After approval, the submitting author must confirm payment of his or her registration by 24/10/2018. The abstract must be presented by the person selected as the presenter during submission. If that is not possible, another author of the abstract may present it, as long as this author has registered for the event and paid the registration fee.
• Abstracts may only be submitted through the official event website.
• Only one (01) certificate will be issued per submitted abstract. Certificates will be printed following the registered order of authors.
• Note: all materials produced using the abstracts (annals, certificates, etc.) shall faithfully reproduce the information submitted by the author. Therefore, no changes will be made to the spelling of the title, abstract, or authors’ names after the final submission deadline. Please note that the information provided is the sole responsibility of the submitting author.
• Discounted values ​​will be applied according to the dates on the “Registration Fees” table available on the event website, regardless of the date of abstract approval. To ensure a discounted rate, you must pay by the dates listed in this table. There will be no refunds of registration fees in case of failure to attend the event.
• The first author may choose his or her preferred form for presentation of the abstract. However, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to make the final decision;
• The final decision of the Committee is irrevocable, unamendable and not subject to appeal or review. Abstracts not accepted for oral presentation can be presented as a poster; the authors will be informed of this decision.
• By submitting one or more abstracts, the authors confirm that their work complied with the applicable laws and ethical standards that govern human and animal research, including approval by the relevant Research Ethics Committee and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.
• The event’s Organizing Committee will not be responsible for costs associated with registration, transportation, lodging, or any other costs associated with any modality of abstract presentation.

• Submission of an abstract represents a commitment by the author(s) to present the work during the event if it is accepted.

Instructions for abstract preparation

• The title should be concise and reflect the research presented.
• The body of the abstract may not exceed 2,500 characters (this does not include title and authorship/affiliations), with spaces. The title may not exceed 250 characters.
• The abstract should be typed in a single block of text, and, preferably, structured as follows: Introduction, Objective, Method, Results, and Conclusion. This suggested structure does not apply to Case Reports/Clinical Cases.

Case Reports presented as Posters should be structured as follows: Case Presentation, Discussion, and Final Remarks. Bibliographic references may not be included. Considering that case reports make a significant contribution to the exchange of experiences among professionals, the Committee recommends that only case of common conditions with an atypical course or reports of truly unusual and relevant conditions be submitted.

• The institution(s) where the research was conducted and the names of the authors should NOT be mentioned in the body of the text.
• The content of the abstract must be related to the chosen topic.
• No graphs or tables may be included.
• These instructions apply only to abstracts submitted for poster presentation.
• References, acknowledgments, and statements of financial support are not required. If included, they should come at the end of the abstract and count towards the character limit.
• Results based on forward-looking statements such as "results will be presented" and/or "data will be analyzed" will not be considered. The results should be stated as clearly as possible, and the conclusions should be based entirely on the data presented. In cases such as those mentioned above, the authors should present preliminary results or make it clear that the study is ongoing, for example. Abstracts will not be accepted if they represent fragmented publication (“salami slicing”) of results from a single work.
• Reports of cases lacking clear originality and a statement of relevance that justifies their presentation will not be accepted. Abstracts that only report reviews of the literature will also be rejected.

• Trade names are not allowed. All drugs must be referred to by their generic names, in lowercase letters.

Instructions for approved abstracts


• POSTER MEASUREMENTS: 120 cm (one hundred and twenty centimeters) TALL x 90 cm (ninety centimeters) WIDE.

1) Posters must be affixed onto the locations determined by the event organizing committee, at a date and time predetermined by the judging committee.
2) Bring string or tape to affix your poster, as these will not be provided at the venue;
3) The panel number is available in the restricted area of the website, in the "Presentation" field. This number is very important, as it will tell you where to affix your poster at the event venue.
4) The Scientific Committee will designate a Judging Commission, which will examine all of the presented posters. At least one of the authors must be present by the poster at the stipulated time for the presentation. Posters must be presented at the stipulated date and time; no rescheduling will be allowed.
5) Posters not taken down within the period determined by the event organizer will be discarded.
6) The presenting author is responsible for poster printing.

Time for poster presentation: to be defined.

The presenting author must be present next to the poster at all times, to answer questions about their work. If the designated presenter is absent, an approved poster may be presented by one of the co-authors.

Posters Exhibition Schedule

Coming soon. Authors will also receive specific instructions via e-mail and in the restricted area of ​​the website, through the "My abstracts" menu.


All approved papers will be published on the event website.


After the end of the event, online certificates will be issued to the submitting authors of approved abstracts. To print or download the certificate, log on to the "Certificates" area of the event home page using your registered e-mail address and fill out the "Satisfaction Survey”.

Important: certificates will not be sent directly via e-mail.

  • Only one (01) certificate will be issued per submitted abstract. Certificates will be printed following the registered order of authors.
  • To receive the certificate, at least one of the authors must be registered and attend the event.
  • If the submitting author does not attend the event, one of the co-authors (whoever attended and actually exhibited the paper) may request transfer of the certificate by contact us.

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